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This is a one-off blog for those of you who I thought might appreciate a few funnies from around the world. These are just signs that we have seen in various non-English speaking countries, that we have found funny in varying degrees.


The first comes from the airport in Singapore, where they are apparently suffering some kind of bottom shortage. Fortunately you can buy a new one at a very reasonable price...



This one was found at a store-front in Egypt. Further proof that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.



Egypt - a restaurant managed by John. Not to be confused with Johns, whose name is second, and therefore less important.



A t-shirt for sale in Paris. Art History 101.



Directions to Rome at Parc Asterix, Paris. All roads lead to it, apparently.



Another one from Parc Asterix. What are you up to for the next 30 years? Rome wants YOU!



A 'Provisional Exit Buffer' at Parc Asterix.



Check out Le Menu. It's a sandwich for the 'delicate' Frenchman.



I knew you could buy these, but I thought they were a bit more expensive. These must be the made-in-China plastic instead of silicon version...



No Le Vegemite across the road, sadly.



Out of tissues? Call the boogerman! If he can't clean it, no-one can!



A typical Dutch supermarket. Next to the 12 items or less, a 'Catholics only' lane.



A public transport notice. Draw your own conclusions...



That's all for now, folks - hope you enjoyed it. I will add more if I find them, but we are in an English speaking country now so our chances are not as good. ;-)

Bye from Rach

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